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Knowledge Base: Image is getting overlapped for an offer in the marketplace

Rahul Sarkar -

Symptom: An image is already set for an offer at the offer level under Marketplace content. Still in Marketplace instead of the provided image, in the background “No image available” image is getting displayed along with the provided image.


Cause: The provided image at the offer level under Marketplace content, has transparent background.


Resolution: Please perform the following steps in the EAS portal for resolving this issue:

  1. Login as a Service Provider or reseller super admin and edit the particular offer which is having overlapped image.
  2. Navigate to Marketplace content for the particular offer.
  3. Use an image which has solid background or use a non-transparent image (with white background).
  4. Wait for the Marketplace builder job to execute.
  5. After execution of the marketplace builder job, the proper image of the offer will get displayed in the marketplace.
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