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Knowledge Base: The “Remember Me” functionality in the CloudBlue portal login page does not work as expected.

Rahul Sarkar -

Symptom: On the login page of CloudBlue, when a user enters credentials and checks the 'Remember Me' checkbox, an error message, “ User indikan@mydomain.com does not exist” is displayed upon next login. If the box is not checked, the credentials work. When the “Remember Me” checkbox in the CloudBlue login page is enabled (as shown in the following image), the login credentials, that is the user's username and the password are not saved. 

Cause: To save passwords, the 'Remember Me' checkbox works in tandem with browser settings. It uses the browser's capability to save passwords just like the 'Remember password' mechanism of most commercial login portals.


 Resolution: Perform the following steps in the browser for resolving this issue.
To use the 'Remember me' functionality in Chrome, turn on the "Offer to save passwords" option in Password Settings as shown in the following image.
(Go to 'Customize and Control Google Chrome icon' on top right side of your browser->Click Settings->Passwords).


To use the 'Remember me' functionality in Mozilla Firefox, turn on the "Ask to save logins and passwords for websites" option in “Privacy and Security” Settings as shown in the following image.
(Open “Menu”. Go to ‘Options' ->Click Privacy and Security option on the left-> Under Browser Privacy section enable the checkbox “Ask to save logins and passwords for websites”.


If you are using Microsoft Edge, to enable Passwords and Form-fill, open Edge browser and click on the 3-dotted More actions link in the top right corner. Click on Settings, scroll down, and click the View advanced settings button.

Under Privacy and Services, you will see two sliders – Offer to save passwords and Save form entries. Move the buttons to the On position. This will ensure that the next time you fill passwords or fill forms on any website, Edge will securely save this data.




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